Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hello, Good-Bye, Good Grief

I attended a wonderful writing workshop this weekend by Michael Garrett.  It wasn’t about how to write a book but how to get a book published and how to create a novel that publishers would want.  This was such an eye-opening workshop.  Mr. Garrett had such wonderful advice for the group.   During the first part of the workshop I was getting so motivated and couldn’t wait to get home to work on my NANOWRIMO story but by the end of the workshop I had come to a shocking conclusion…I should not participate in NANOWRIMO.  Instead of writing for hours and hours on a story that is thrown together I should utilize that time reading books in a specific genre (the genre I want to write in) and researching those books.   I should be using that time to outline and make character profiles so when I do sit down to write the story I am not spinning my wheels trying to figure out what my character will do next. 

So, unfortunately, I say good-bye to my NANOWRIMO ambitions but say hello to a renewed enthusiasm to write and be published (and to plan on making this a long-term career).


  1. Last year I decided to be my own NANOWRIMO. I wrote for one month beginning in September but didn't get but 25,000 words, so I kept writing. When I wrote 60,000 words after sobbing and laughing all hours of the early mornings and late nights I had a story. I put the manuscript away and have ruminated on what I've written. I will return to it and begin editing. I doubt the novel will get anywhere but I'm proud to see I can achieve the job. I did learn that the more you write the more open your mind becomes open to ideas; how the characters come to life and lead you places you hadn't expected, and how the ending came naturally. A wonderful learning experience.

  2. Sounds like it was a great learning experience. Thanks for sharing. I love hearing that people are out there writing. I'm still doing research on my next novel and being very careful about the genre I pick to write it. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I have four ideas and each one is in a different genre. Go figure! I can't keep my mind on one thing. Please tell me there are other authors out there that are like that.